Sunday, September 11, 2011

"It was as big as a Ford Focus!"

Is what I said when describing what Sam created in the bathroom while I read one, short book to his sister. We had a deal. I read Mae one book, then read him one book while he lounged in the tub. As I began reading to Mae, I heard tub's air jets turn on. That's fine, the jacuzzi-like jets are very relaxing. Mae and I were snuggled in the recliner under a blanket. Half-way through her book, Sam started yelling for me. I decided to finish reading Mae's book before responding because I felt it wouldn't be fair to interrupt her story time.

Mae and I finished her book, she snuggled under her covers and I kissed her goodnight. Ready to speak with Sam about the interruption, I stormed into the bathroom and saw an enormous mass of bubbles. He had gotten out of the tub to retrieve the bath gel and emptied half of it into the tub with the air jets on. No exaggeration, the mass if bubbles touched the ceiling, flowed out of the tub and half-way across the bathroom floor. My first thought was, "Damn! The camera is in Dave's truck." Then I masterfully hid my desire to laugh, left the room and called Dave to describe the scene.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Groundhog House

This is a vacant house we drive by often.  There are usually groundhogs grazing on the lawn.  A few weeks ago we drove by and I saw two groundhogs sitting on the porch.  All I could do was scream and point because I was laughing so hard.  Since then, I keep my camera ready and drive by slowly.  One afternoon I saw a single groundhog sitting on the porch.   It is a dangerous corner to pull over on, so I decided to hold out for a picture of a pair. 

In the meantime a small, blue wading pool appeared in the yard.  I imagined little groundhog pool parties.  My neighbor saw one of them near the pool and imagined a beach umbrella would complete the scene.

A couple of weeks have gone by and I'm getting impatient.  I saw this one the other day near the porch and decided to settle.  I wonder if he was waiting to rendezvous with one of his buddies or maybe a lady friend.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hoarse and Horse

Twice today I screamed like a horror movie victim.  First, Mae was showing off for her pediatric cardiologist and fell off the exam table.  Thankfully, Dr. Drucker caught her.  I'm certain the staff was abuzz long before we left the clinic.  Dr. Drucker is thorough and delivers excellent patient care.  I imagine she expects and receives excellent service from her staff.  This morning probably reminded them they work with Wonder Woman.  Me on the other hand, froze in my tracks and screamed involuntarily.

Second big scream could have been avoided had I listened to Mae.  As we left the parking garage she asked me to close the window so bugs won't fly in.  "Honey, the window needs to be open so I can pay the parking garage attendant."  On our way to her next appointment, I thought I felt something touch my neck.  At the barn I felt something burn my thigh.  It was definitely a sting but I didn't see a culprit.  I went into the office to speak with Mae's therapist then felt a buzz and another sting on my right arm.  "Ahhh!  Bee, get away, get away!"

Mae riding Xena, armed with a loaded squirt gun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Twisted, Then Sweet

Bizarre that my mom's name came up twice tonight.  Dave and I witnessed toy abuse and explained to Sam we still have some of our own toys from childhood because we take care of our things.  "Really, my mom would be rolling over in her grave right now.  If she had one."  Her ashes are beside a stream in the White Mountains.  Twisted, but struck me as funny.

A few moments later Mae wanted to help me walk the dogs.  "Honey, it's raining out."  "Can I borrow your mom's umbrella?"

I think my mom would have appreciated the humor, then the sweetness.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How I Got The Deweykids Outside Today

45 minutes of work for 10 minutes of fun!

Mae is shirtless.  She is having a naked day.  I'm glad she put something on to go outside.

It was fun teaching Sam to be ruthless.  He's usually sensitive about things like this.  When he realized it was ok to soak me, we were eachother's main targets.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still A-MAE-zes Me

Mae went to the Williston Fire Department this afternoon.  Her mission was to bring birthday cheer to a friend.  Mae and her friend Michelle shopped for party favors, decorated cupcakes and selected an excellent gift for him.  As I look at these photos I am happily reassured of her ability to light up a room. 

A few weeks ago we attended a birthday party for one of her peers.  Most kids at the party did not know Mae.  Her social cues were confusing to them and sometimes they seemed uncomfortable around her.  I'm afraid of the day when someone who doesn't understand her says or does something mean because she is different.  Mae is a joyful, confident and generous person.  I am terrified that someday, something could squash her spirit.  That would be a terrible loss for everyone.  However, looking through these photos I see strength, generousity and joy.

Seriously awesome gift, a fire engine sippy cup.  I'm sure the other fire fighters are jealous.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day On The Marketplace

We had a rare day with no appointments, no pressing business, and all of us were together.  Michelle, who works with Mae joined us.  It's nice when adults outnumber kids. 
Sam consistently captures the best photos of his sister.  He's not bad at taking photos of his dad either.
Mae's announcement, also with Sam behind the camera.  People nearby were glad to know who graced their presence this afternoon on the marketplace.